A Reminder about Google

April 13, 2006

How much have you been aware of Google’s potential and power? These two recently published articles may give you a hint.

Google Organizes the Globe
Google, eBay And Amazon To AT&T: We’ll Build Our Own Network

Plus my previous posted picture about Google 3.0 here

Alll right, now tell me how do you feel then.
Well, this post is not saying that Google’s gonna be evil. Actually, I do wish that would never happen. All it’s trying to say is that Google’s power may grow beyond your imagination one day. and that time, as to how Google will use that power, it’s still a question mark.

Perhaps, you may need to keep an eye on the movements of the search giant, and supposed to transfer one or two of your frequently used services now provided by Google to other service providers’.


Baidu’s Move

January 11, 2006

Baidu will charge the end use for searching movie,ebook and software via its engine.

This move, i think, is not so smart.

First, it will lower down Baidu‘s image in the netizen. Personally I never put it so high. Actually, in the above link, a survey already shows that 90% of people say they’ll switch to another search on the paid fileds in Baidu.
Second, besides the increasing possibility of people trying to use another search replacement, according to baidu’s current position, doing so will distribute its focus, which may be the biggest root cause of loss to the battle against others, like Google China and Zhong Sou.

Don’t be evil

January 9, 2006

Bokee‘s real face is exposed finally for its ‘contribution‘ to the block of well-known blogger Anti via here:Microsoft takes down Chinese blogger. I’ll give that a big applaude.

There’s an old saying in China: ‘what goes around comes around’, a.k.a. “sow the wind; reap the whirlwind” So whatever you do, just don’t be evil, or at eod, you’ll get ‘completely rewarded‘, finally.

That must because you put many should-not-be-together-things together.

A Complete Logical World??

December 6, 2005

Do you have a belief in logic? i.e. do you think everything happens for a reason? Are there any kinds of situations where you do something with no reason??Can logic be able to explain anything?

Put this question here for late comments and thinkings.