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Yesterday was not my RR’s day, for sure, or she wouldn’t be hurt by the really hot water bursting out from the boiler while cooking conjee for the dinner.

At the beginning I didn’t realize it’s so bad, but soon i knew, ‘coz she started crying, loudly, just like a very little girl does when his favourate babie is taken away. With tears dropping down continueously , she kept blaming it on my lack of care and love on her.

We two decided finally to go to hospital of 306 which is the nearest and about 10KM away. On the way there her pains still continued. However, when we finally got there, the doctor on duty told me that they can’t deal with things like scald. but he suggest we go to JiShuiTan, which can take care of that illness perfectly. And it’s about more than 5 KM away from the 306 hospital.

Do we have choice at that time?! All we did was to get on the car and drive for it. In about 20 mins, we arrived. After some necessary steps of registration, we finally saw the doctor. Actually after about 1hr after we left home, now RR didn’t feel so painful.

The doctorring process was simple: ask what happened, keep a record, give the receipt and then: next…

During we were talking with the doctor, we saw a little baby that’s been scalded too. And it’s worse than RR. Also said the doctor that RR’s scaled area was not so big as we thought. Both, i guess, made RR feel not so bad as before.

Then after buying the medicine with less than 8RMB, we were on our way back home.. And, the back and forth payment is 100RMB. what a verse..

So today we two stayed at home relaxing and resting.

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After several days’ frequent use of this WP blog, I’ve made a big decision here:
Move my home of web from Cui’s Space hosted by MSN Space to here:Cui’s Blog.

As to the reason, I’ll give a list later.

Still working…

My Year of 2005

December 31, 2005

Beijing is snowing now. and the world is becoming whiter and whiter. Seems God is showing his best wishes to his children in the New Year’s Eve. Under that kind of instructions, I then immediately took out my mobile and called my gal trying to say Happy New Year. No pick-up? I SMSed her.

The second thing brought by the snow is that I should summarize my 2005. Several big things happened then just came to my mind. And here’s the prioritized list:

1.My gal and I finally are together again after she’d been working in Shanghai for more than half an year. The exact date she arrived in Beijing is someday of March(I’ll try to figure it out later).

2.We two moved into our own new house on May.7th, the last day of the long holidays.

3.I changed my job again. Even if I don like keeping on switching job from one to the other, this time I had to.

4.Most of my debts have been returned and cleared after we two spent a very tough period of time.. You know the situation when your wallet becomes so shrunk, do you?

Make a mark, and celebration,too.