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April 3, 2007 – Supermarket 2.0 , where you can see the concepts of 2.0 in real. very funny.

It’s called Expresso (Mine is 2.1, you can try 3.0 beta).
Expresso Regular Expression Development Tool

It has many fantastic features, like RegEx Test, RegEx Tutorial, RegEx Analyzer and RegEx Builder etc. see the details here.

Last but not least, it’s a freeware! Check the register page for further steps.

The Top 10 Lies of Web 2.0

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Creative and funny song by Money Miss (by his comment on Digtial Inspiration)

I started a blog which nobody read.. When I went to work, I blogged there instead..I started a blog which nobody view..

I started a blog but nobody came; no issues were raised, no comments were made;

I started a blog which nobody read.. all I did wasn’t that great but you must know here’s what is said..

I started a blog; I sent you the link; I wanted you the world to know what I think..

I started a blog but when I read yours; it made me forget what I had started my for..

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Yahoo! Easter Egg

August 20, 2006

Go to Yahoo! homepage, and click the exclaimation mark ‘!‘ in the logo.

BTW, don forget to turn on your speak 🙂


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Yesterday was not my RR’s day, for sure, or she wouldn’t be hurt by the really hot water bursting out from the boiler while cooking conjee for the dinner.

At the beginning I didn’t realize it’s so bad, but soon i knew, ‘coz she started crying, loudly, just like a very little girl does when his favourate babie is taken away. With tears dropping down continueously , she kept blaming it on my lack of care and love on her.

We two decided finally to go to hospital of 306 which is the nearest and about 10KM away. On the way there her pains still continued. However, when we finally got there, the doctor on duty told me that they can’t deal with things like scald. but he suggest we go to JiShuiTan, which can take care of that illness perfectly. And it’s about more than 5 KM away from the 306 hospital.

Do we have choice at that time?! All we did was to get on the car and drive for it. In about 20 mins, we arrived. After some necessary steps of registration, we finally saw the doctor. Actually after about 1hr after we left home, now RR didn’t feel so painful.

The doctorring process was simple: ask what happened, keep a record, give the receipt and then: next…

During we were talking with the doctor, we saw a little baby that’s been scalded too. And it’s worse than RR. Also said the doctor that RR’s scaled area was not so big as we thought. Both, i guess, made RR feel not so bad as before.

Then after buying the medicine with less than 8RMB, we were on our way back home.. And, the back and forth payment is 100RMB. what a verse..

So today we two stayed at home relaxing and resting.

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