My Year of 2005

December 31, 2005

Beijing is snowing now. and the world is becoming whiter and whiter. Seems God is showing his best wishes to his children in the New Year’s Eve. Under that kind of instructions, I then immediately took out my mobile and called my gal trying to say Happy New Year. No pick-up? I SMSed her.

The second thing brought by the snow is that I should summarize my 2005. Several big things happened then just came to my mind. And here’s the prioritized list:

1.My gal and I finally are together again after she’d been working in Shanghai for more than half an year. The exact date she arrived in Beijing is someday of March(I’ll try to figure it out later).

2.We two moved into our own new house on May.7th, the last day of the long holidays.

3.I changed my job again. Even if I don like keeping on switching job from one to the other, this time I had to.

4.Most of my debts have been returned and cleared after we two spent a very tough period of time.. You know the situation when your wallet becomes so shrunk, do you?


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